All transactions made with AK Prestige Autos are subject to the below T's and C's

What we agree to when working with you:

1.1 Open and honest advice when purchasing and/or selling your vehicle

1.2 To provide a respectful service and never insult or make you feel uncomfortable

1.3 To provide you with a clear concise history report of the vehicle

1.4 Provide expertise if requested in all elements of the transaction process.

The below terms and conditions apply to all transactions made between AK Prestige Autos and any clients whether business or personal.

When purchasing from AK Prestige Autos:

2.1 You agree to your statutory rights as a consumer as per the Consumer Rights Act of 2015.

2.2 If purchasing the vehicle through a VAT registered business - you are eligible to claim back VAT (if there is VAT included in the price) and liable to pay VAT on the selling price once the vehicle is sold in the UK.

2.3 You agree that the vehicle is sold at a reasonable price against the current market.

2.4 You agree that our vehicles are second hand goods unless specified

2.5 We visually and mechanically inspect all vehicles

2.5.1 If the vehicle has been previously repaired and we are aware, it is our duty to disclose this before point of sale.

2.5.2 (Ref: 1.2) If the vehicle has been inspected post-sale and contradicts our terms, we take no legal responsibility (this does not affect your Consumer Rights).

2.6 It is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle is correctly taxed.

2.7 It is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle is correctly insured

2.8 All parking tickets, fines and penalties associated with a driver of said vehicle dated before the sale are the driver's responsibility.

When selling a vehicle to AK Prestige Autos:

3.1: You agree to forfeit all rights to the vehicle and ownership including any personalised number plates unless explicitly agreed in writing beforehand.

3.2: You agree to disclose any finance owing against the vehicle. If there is later proof at any point that the vehicle was of financial interest then it is your responsibility to settle this.

3.3 You agree (unless explicitly stated) that the miles of the vehicle are genuine and have not been tampered.

3.4 All service history described of the vehicle provided is genuine and can be proven.

When Exporting with AK Prestige Autos:

4.1 You agree to pay for the vehicle upon delivery to the agreed licenced shipping agent.

4.2 You agree that all taxes, duties, registrations and associated importation fees are your responsibility.

4.3 Your vehicle must be registered in the destination country within 6 months of arrival.

4.4 If you are acting on behalf of a client, it is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle is paid within the agreed timeframe.

Return Policy:

5.1 As per consumer right act 2015, if the vehicle is unroadworthy and you are eligible for a refund, we will process this refund within 5 working days of the vehicle being returned to our premises.

5.2 Any additional mileage on the vehicle will be charged at 27p per mile.

5.2.1 We will allow a 300mile leeway against this charge

5.2.2 10,000mile bracket surcharge due to steep difference in vehicle value once the vehicle is in the next bracket.

5.3 Any additional cosmetic damage of the vehicle will be assessed upon the vehicle returning to our premises and charged in a just manner.

5.3.1 Cosmetic damage includes but is not limited to: dents, scratches, stone chips, alloy damage, paint contamination, excessive wear, interior damage including scrapes and scratches, windscreen and glass damage and any other imperfections to the body work, alloys or interior.

5.3.2 Any additional cosmetic damage will be proven against our initial pre-sale cosmetic report .

5.3.3 Any additional minor cosmetic damage will be assessed by an independent detailing specialist

5.4 Any additional mechanical damage will be assessed within 2 working days of the vehicle returning to our premises.

5.4.1 Mechanical damage will be assessed by an independent specialist.

5.4.2 Additional mechanical damage includes but is not limited to: Wheel alignment, transmission, engine and associated parts, radiations, all electronics, axles, drivetrains, brakes and associated parts.

5.5 Any missing parts will be charged in a just manner

5.5.1 Missing parts include but are not limited to keys, service history books/printouts, locking wheel nut, logbook, any accessories that were supplied with the vehicle.

When using a third-party finance company to purchase a vehicle:

6.1 We take no responsibility for interest fees and rates and adjustments to those accordingly

6.2 If you are having any issues with the lender/associated broker, we take no responsibility

6.3 It is your responsibility to read through all terms and conditions before agreeing to any loan or finance plan.


7.1 Our vehicles are sold with all the paperwork that we obtain beforehand

7.2 If there is any specific paperwork that you would like to see before the point of sale, ask your AK Prestige Autos sales representative.

7.3 If there is additional paperwork / service history you request post-sale, there is no guarantee that we will be able to obtain this for you.

Trade Sale Exclusions:

8.1 In the event of a trade sale to another dealer / trader, all above terms are excluded.

8.2 All vehicles sold to motor traders are ‘sold as seen’.

8.3 Payment must be made within 48hours of purchase confirmation / buy-now confirmation on any associated trade platform.

8.4 If there is any difference between the described vehicle and the condition upon collection, report this to an AK Prestige Autos representative to resolve the issue.

8.5 For any misdescriptions in a trade sale

8.5.1 An agreement shall be made on an adhoc basis and if the car is not satisfactory the trade sale will be cancelled and any associated refund will be settled by AK Prestige Autos.

8.5.2 Refunds shall be paid within 5 working days via Bank Transfer.

5th March 2021 - Version 1



Trade Sale Exclusions

8.6 Please inspect the vehicle before leaving our premises.

8.7 Once you have left the site with the vehicle we hold no responsibility to the vehicle.

24th February 2022 - Version 2