Committed to Excellence

At AK Prestige Autos, we utilise our 25+ Years industry expertise to provide you a truly 5-star experience when enquiring or purchasing a vehicle from us. Also, unlike many other dealers, we have NO hidden fees when buying your next car with us. Here's what you can expect:



The Introduction Call

This is our opportunity to get to know each other, help build the confidence that we are in-fact one of the few honest and honourable car dealers out there with your interest at heart. We'll find out about your requirements, how we can help, answer any questions you have.

If our stock car suits your requirements, we'd recommend a visit to our grounds for a test drive, a tea or coffee and a friendly in-person conversation.



Visiting our Grounds

This is the (most) fun part of the process! Once we've booked in your appointment slot (we're open 7 days a week), you'll be welcomed onto our secure private forecourt where we hold our limited selection of stock cars.

Note: We do have a dog on site who has been trained to be friendly and welcoming to all guests. If you have a fear or allergy, please let us know and we'll be sure keep her indoors and away.

You can now view the car and take as much time as you need in and around the vehicle. We then go for a test drive for up to 30mins to allow you to experience the how the car feels on all types of roads. On the route we have beautiful countryside lanes, national speed limit motorways and busy local town and residential streets so you can get a real idea of how your new car performs in all situations.



Seeing all the paperwork

Now is the time to sit back and relax in our office, have a cup of your favourite hot drink and ask any unanswered questions. All our vehicles are purchased from reputable and well-known fleet and trade sources. We also occasionally purchase cars direct from consumers as long as they have a clean history.

We show you all the paperwork we have including:

  • Service History

  • Ownership History (You can request to see the V5 logbook but we DO NOT allow customers to take photos or photocopies).

  • A Printed Experian History Report

  • AutoTrader performance Indicator

  • Current market valuation with comparisons to other cars of same spec and year

If the car needs a service or scheduled maintenance, we can complete this as part of the sale. We always recommend using a main dealer for servicing.



Deciding whether to purchase the car:

At this point, you will have seen everything you need to make an informed decision.

Note: At AK Prestige Autos, we pride ourselves on our consultative and honest approach. We DO NOT adopt a pushy sales tactic and will never make you feel as if you need to purchase a vehicle. Whether or not you decide the car is right for you, we will be sure to help you in any way we can on your car buying journey. We often help our clients by looking with them for cars from other dealers and run history checks for them (all free-of-charge of course).

If decide to purchase the vehicle, we have many financing options available. If you need time to organise your finances, we can take a 7-day holding deposit to allow for this (£200-£1000 depending on vehicle price). Your options are:

  • Outright Purchase

  • Car Finance through one of our recommended partners (rates from 6% on PCP)

  • Organising your own finance. (NOTE: We are yet to recieve our FCA regulation confirmation so some banks may refuse a HP or PCP with us if using your own broker)

  • Personal Loan (Generally the lowest interest rates of any financing option).

  • Staggered payments over 7 days. If you have a daily limit on your banking payments, we can take payments in segments until paid in full and collect.



The Handover

Okay, maybe this step is the most fun! Once the car is paid for, we offer collection or delivery of your vehicle. We offer FREE delivery within the M25 and +5miles. If you are outside the London area, we simply charge the wages of our driver and associated costs. Examples:

  • Delivery to Birmingham: £190-£200

  • Delivery to Manchester: £200-£210

  • Delivery to Liverpool: £200-210

  • Delivery to Edinburgh: £280-£300

  • Delivery to Cardiff: £190-£200

  • Delivery to Belfast (incl ferry at Cairnryan): £450

Whether you choose to collect or have your car delivered, you can expect a small gift from us as a thank you.

If the car is a present or surprise for a loved-one, we also offer ribbon, bow and unveiling services. If this is of interest please ask our sales team.

We will also likely ask if you'd like to take a photo by your new car. We love sharing our happy customers on our social media and community page!



After Sales

Now we run away, block your number and hope you never find us...  Only kidding!

Our customer service continues for years after the purchase, if you have a query about the car, for some advise on your next car or simply would like a catch -up, you will have already had the personal number saved of the salesperson helping you and you can call us 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on building long term relationships, and have customers who have been returning to us for over 20 years.

Our priority is ensure that you have a vehicle that you are happy with for the long-run.

We also offer 12month extended warranties through the AA and Warranty Wise. Let us know if you'd be interest in these at any point!



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